Humanitarian Aid and Discourse to Make Money

It is clear to everyone that humanitarian aid and politician’s speeches are only serving those people’s interests. Since April 12th, all the focus of the government and the international community has changed; it is now a question of reconstruction, election, they must go on, these have been the main headlines.

The reconstruction is a myth: What construction? For whom? It is now six months since the earthquake. Can you tell me of any sign that you have seen that could lead you to believe that the country is going to be rebuilt?

Up to this day, there hasn’t been anything done at all to plan for how or where the people in the camps will live.

Furthermore, the private sector (the Bourgeoisie) has declared that 70% of everything destroyed during the quake belonged to them. This is further proof that the reconstruction being talked about is for them.

In the first meeting of the interim reconstruction commission, President Clinton declared that despite the fact that we are currently in the hurricane season, the situation of the people living in tents was not a priority for him. Rather, they are focusing on the long term plans, such as foreign investments to create more wealth, while continuing to pay workers 125 gourdes a day like in the cash for work programs.

The reconstruction is using political exclusion in order to keep the country under foreign control for the foreseeable future.

As we can see, the commission does not have representative form the popular sector, or from peasants’ groups.  That is a first sign of discrimination and exclusion. This is also a strategy to open up the country to the occupiers, so that they continue to accumulate wealth in the name of the victims of January 12th.

More than 2 billion dollars have already spent by NGOs, but the people’s living conditions have not changed. On the contrary, nice pictures and videos are being made to justify the spending supposedly for the victims. It has been three months since they stopped food distribution and service to the bases inside the camps, but the NGOs continue to grow more every day. They handle the large amounts of money, drive in nice cars, and sleep in big hotels. In this situation, some are big companies that come with the intent to get the big contracts for the reconstruction.

The reconstruction of Haiti is a possibility for a few people who already had all the wealth of the country for more than 200 years to become wealthier, and for those who were poor to become poorer a hundred times over. The plan is to reinforce the neo-liberal plan, entirely destroy the national production, and remove all our rights as a sovereign state.

We are worst off six months after the earthquake. Local and international thieves are richer, while we the people are poorer than before.

What are we doing?


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