Announcing the Reconstruction of the Republic of Port-au-Prince

René Preval’s government has returned this country into the hands of capitalists to cut and hack with the announcement of the reconstruction of the republic of Port-au-Prince once more.

To repeat the words that the Minister of Finance, Ronald Beaudin, said in a press conference: “Port-au-Prince will have electricity 24 hours a day, will have many big hotels, with luxurious houses facing the sea, which will serve to replace the governmental offices that were destroyed during January 12th,” reassuring words for the luxurious commercial centers for people with money, we must not forget them.

Once more, the incumbent government with all the international missions in the United Nations, showed very clearly that they do not have any intention to try to change the situation of the victims who have been living in the streets since the earthquake.

This government, which has lost all its popularity, is still getting support from the United Nations and countries such as the United States, France, Canada, which turn a blind eye to what they are doing regarding the question of the reconstruction.

If January 12th made Haitians cry, it is different for political leaders, the bourgeois and the neo-liberal patrons. Several months afterward, we hear there was a lot of money that was going to be given in their name of the victims for projects, but there was no information or explanation about how the earthquake survivors would benefit from this money or get reparations.

I hope that we will not be surprised when we see those who have taken the attitude of volunteer get the big contracts for the reconstruction, and the countries that call themselves providers of funds instead work only with their own country’s businesses, to make a lot of money, and then turn around and go back to where they came.

140 million dollars. That is the quantity of money the government announced will go through the minister of finance for reconstructing the state offices that were destroyed. At the same time, there are more than one million people drifting in the streets during the hurricane season.

Now it is clear what the exact priorities of the government are, because to date there has been no plan to construct good houses for the earthquake victims.

The thing that is most serious is that the government is not making any effort to show its people how to protect themselves in case there is any repeat of what happened or another earthquake even larger than the one on January 12th. But, there is money to buy new vehicles and to rebuild offices.

There has yet to be one gourde given for agriculture, health, education or security, things that are more crucial right now, while all this money is being given to build luxury offices, to modernize the institutions of corruption and exclusion.

When will the government, and the United Nations which reserves all the money for the country’s reconstruction, start to search for a way to improve the conditions for the earthquake victims?

If you have a response to this, please share it with the other victims for us.


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