NGOs Destroy Haitian Livelihoods

NGOs: non-governmental organizations. These are organizations that want to work for the community and support the government, or that want to work on the side without involving the local government either because of lack of capacity or the existence of other difficulties such as, corruption, financial restrictions or professional incompetence…

It is not competition, but rather it is reinforcement and capacity-building.

Hmmmm…But in Haiti, our country, there are no connection between the definition of their mission, and their action; in the new phase of neo-liberalism the NGOs’ objectives and definition can radically change.

NGOs, or the aid industry, is the biggest business in Haiti, and it is the only place where one can make money or steal it, and there is no one who can either ask or have the right to hold the NGO accountable. There are more NGOs than food in the country, and they all find money to operate normally without any oversight of their activities.

Many young foreigners use NGO in Haiti to gain work experience. The NGO comunity frequently brings in people who do not have the expertise or the academic qualification to come to Haiti and then pays them big salaries; all the while Haitian university students can’t get any support to complete their studies. In essence, almost anyone can come to Haiti and be called an expert, as long as it is a friend or family member who wants them to come to work for an NGO.

It is not to say that there are not a few good people who come, to actually do real work, but only that in the past we have seen too many situations where that is not the case.

To highlight a few characteristics of NGOs in our country:

  • The own most of the vehicles in the country
  • They do not pay taxes
  • They have free access to operate without the interference of the police
  • They are beneficiaries of the press for publicity
  • They receive big contract for projects
  • They give no reports to local authorities
  • They consume most of the energy in the country

These are some of the privileges and characteristics of NGO in the country, but that does not mean that they are doing anything serious in the country. Since NGOs are receiving so much money for projects, why isn’t there any amelioration?

The aid industry is a neo-liberal weapon to control a country. They create conditions for dependence so that they can continue to have control.

The father of all NGOs is called USAID; it is the central representative of the United States, which allows it to control all NGOs and to manipulate local government. USAID is a branch of the United States government, which is there to support the international policies of the US. It comes in the name of aid, but its true mission has nothing to do with aid.

Did you know that it was USAID that financed the eradication of the Creole pigs? And after that, they ran a financial scheme to buy pigs from their own country, and that’s what the USAID calls aid, it is an easy exercise to understand…. They destroy what people already possess to render them dependent, that’s aid for them because the objective is for the United States to remain the imperial leader.

Try to answer these questions yourself:

  • If there is a national policy to establish welcome centers for orphans, why have the UNICEF?
  • If there’s agriculture to produce local food for everyone to eat, just as it was to be before the United States destroyed our national production, why would we need the World Food Programme and Food and Agriculture Organization?
  • If there was aid to train a public security force, what importance would MINUSTAH have? This one is bigger than an NGO.
  • If there was aid available to build good hospital, what importance would the Red Cross have?

All these NGOs are being run by foreigners, and money spent on salaries and logistics are much more than spent on community projects.

What can be considered as the biggest mystery is the fact that each time they announce financing for a project; it is always accompanied by a foreign expert who comes to get their share of the money, only to return it exactly where it came from.

It’s almost like a money laundering scheme, if a foreigner comes on a mission  where he gets paid a good salary and doesn’t return back to his country because sometimes they stay longer, for the money he gets paid working in Haiti is often much more than he would get in his own country. Then he deposits his money in a big international bank, which means the money goes back to the country that says it is giving the aid in the first place.

Many people lose their mind over this issue of NGOs; there are some who receive lots of money, others are simply innocent. The NGOs always come flying the flag of aid and assistance; they point to the need that exists, which often leads to any foreign thugs to come and deceive the Haitian people as they get rich.

What NGOs have succeeded so much before that the international community thinks they should get first crack at rebuilding our country?

The reason is simple; it is so that the money allocated for aid can return back to the donor countries. The so-called experts who come to Haiti don’t even sleep on land; they use their beautiful boat on the sea and the logistical base of MINUSTAH, where they can be comfortable in their air conditioning.

NGOs never plant the seeds, but they are the ones to reap the rewards.

NGOs did not build or create, but they are always redistributing.

NGOs are always tired, that’s why they have big boats to rest.

NGOs never respect nor repair.

NGOs make a lot of noise without really saying anything.


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