Why Include Dominican Soldiers in MINUSTAH? (MINUSTAH = UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti)

There are many reasons, but only some that deserve analysis. The first thing is that Haiti has lost its sovereignty and the international community wants to humiliate Haiti each time they have the opportunity. A country that has no true leadership and instead has a bunch of beggars and thieves in charge that are wasting the country won’t bring about any other result than the reality we are living today.

When Haiti has Dominican soldiers in MINUSTAH it is as though they are telling Haitians: if you like peppers you have to like the seeds. In other words, because the Dominican Republic helped Haiti after January 12th, now they want to play a part in controlling Haiti, and it is clear that with the historical problems that exist between Haiti and the Dominican Republic it is not possible to have Dominican soldiers in MINUSTAH.

Another reason is the question of stability; the Dominican soldiers are likely to have problems each time they go into the streets of Haiti, and this will be another reason for the international community to justify not making investments in the country. Currently all the large NGOs will continue to hold onto the funds they have raised without doing any work in the country, and it is the victims who will suffer more.

Dominican soldiers in Haiti is a vulgar expression that says clearly that Haiti is an occupied country, because of the long running racism of Dominicans against Haitians, and their history of killing Haitians when they have the opportunity.

The Dominican bourgeois and the government of the Dominican Republic have a great economic interest in Haiti, for this reason they will always want to have their soldiers available to protect their interests, to pressure the Haitian government and to use organized crime to destabilize the country.

Today is an important moment in Haiti’s history because if the government accepts Dominican soldiers when it is clear that the people will not accept, the battle has already begun. If the Dominican Republic agrees to send soldiers to Haiti it is because they have a reason for that. Whatever the reason is, it is a crisis on top of a crisis because if the border is closed it won’t be good for either Haitians or Dominicans because Haitians traveling to the Dominican Republic to work will have problems, and Dominican products that don’t have international patents and are sold only in Haiti will also have problems that will affect both the Dominican and Haitian markets.

Now the ball is in the court of the Haitian authorities who must choose between HUMILIATION and DIGNITY, CRISIS or personal interest, NEOLIBERALISM or DEATH FOR THE COUNTRY.

This is a situation to observe closely, because if Dominican soldiers participate in MINUSTAH it will be the announcement of a crisis, and the loss will be for Haiti but the United Nations is demonstrating that they aren’t a responsible organization because they have made no official statements about this.

A beautiful smile does not mean someone is your friend!

Bel dan pa vle di zanmi! Pawòl granmoun

Etant Dupain

2 Responses to “Why Include Dominican Soldiers in MINUSTAH? (MINUSTAH = UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti)”
  1. Me Jean Eddy Etienne says:

    Before all, I have greet your very amazing work. Thank you Etant, thank you BKNG. Your works are excellent.
    It` sure it isn`t a situation of January 12th. It is something that the authorities of the two countries and the International community have studied long time. Since soon after the 1986. Mr. Aristide and Clinton were the principal leaders of this process.
    Each one has his favorite interest in the cake, reason that they whispered the the idea as a egg. Here it arrives now.

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