Emergency Haiti Cholera Education Fund

For the last two days, members of the Haitian alternative media project and LHL partner organization Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye, Let Haiti Live (a project of TransAfrica Forum) and International Action Ties have been taking the message of how to prevent the spread of cholera to the tent cities and communities of Port-au-Prince. We have already printed 60,000 flyers and have a sound system on a truck raising awareness of how to prevent the spread of cholera.

In the overcrowded camps of earthquake survivors, cholera will spread like wildfire. Inadequate sanitary facilities and lack of access to clean drinking water render the residents of tent cities extremely vulnerable to the cholera crisis. The city of Port-au-Prince has a system of open sewers that run along the sides of the roads, and human waste can be found in refuse water, puddles and mud throughout the city.

The only way to slow the spread of the cholera outbreak is by educating people how to protect themselves. Please make a donation of any size to our paypal account today so we can stay out in the streets!

Click here: http://bit.ly/bjTCjO




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