Haiti Elections Update, 11am

Visits to polling locations throughout the morning, as well as allies working in Jacmel and GrosMorne have reported similar patterns. Overall, crowds are peacefully assembling but many many people are arriving at their polling location to find out they are not on the list and growing frustrated. A short list of concerns and observations are as follows: low numeric turnout some bureau de votes (BV) not ready to receive voters because don’t have proper materials (wrong ballots, don’t have ballots) polling stations not opening on time names missing from polling list (people reported traveling to 3-5 different BVs without finding out where they should vote) once have voted, indelible ink on people’s fingers can easily be washed off when called CEP to find out where they are to vote; no answer significant presence of security forces with documented use of excessive force in Dedune, Artibonite Some specific examples documented by observers include: 8:00 AM Camp Koray has 39 people on the voter list; 440 ballots at the BV. Approximately 15,000 people living in Koray. 9:09 AM Ecole St Surin in Manigat: large groups saying they are not on the voting list or that INITE controls the voting center. 9:16 AM Lycee Fritz Pierre Louis: 12 of 21 bureaus are not open and processing voters; with roughly 9,223 people registered at the voting location, it could affect up to 5,484 people. 9:30 AM Camp Kanaran has 305 people on the voter list; No BV as of 9:30 AM Tens of thousands of people living in Kanaran (the hills surrounding Koray) 10:27 AM Ecole George Washington: Issues with people being on the list; altercation between different parties and security involvement. Mandataires say there has been major fraud and call for closing of some of the BV. Say that police have arrested four false Mandataires.


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