Election Fraud, Mafia Alliance, and General Mobilization for Total Annulment

Starting at 6am I was on my two feet, out visiting polling station throughout the capital. The first stop was in Cite Soleil where the voting station didn’t open until 8am, but there were people inside already filling in ballots while the political party observers waited outside. In the Kanaran Camp, which was supposed to have one voting station, the center was never set up to this very moment. In the Corail Camp there was one voting station with only thirty-nine registered voters on the list. The election was broken.

In the Damien national school there was a polling station where 16,000 people were supposed to vote, but by noon they didn’t yet have 500 people who had arrived to vote. The situation was extremely grave in Carrefour where a government vehicle arrived to drop off political party members at a polling station who then entered inside to vote while at the same time many people couldn’t find their name on a list anywhere after looking for more than half the day.

For all of these reasons we must say that the election was a failure.

For the first time in Haiti’s history we say an alliance created between twelve candidates, however after the results from the mafia electoral council, two in the twelve candidates decided to remove themselves from the alliance. What has been discussed under the table is that the “international community forced the government and CEP to organize a second round for Madame Manigat and Michel Martelly.”

Now we can see clearly what kind of candidate we have before us, those who ask us to give them power, if in less than one day these two candidates can decide to betray a noble cause like that, during five years we can see a lot more things happen.

Neither Michel Martelly nor Madame Manigat are asking for a change in the political system or anything near it, because today they have entered into a little negotiation under the table to take power, because today after this negotiation they decided to go to a second round.

Another time where all of the Haitian people must ask for an annulment and a return to the race between candidates, to ask for another election that is for Haitians.

Today Wyclef has become an agent of violence, preaching that either victory must be declared or the country will be set on fire. We recall Wyclef’s declaration didn’t have any importance because he is a businessman who has come to Haiti to take care of his personal interests and promote his new album, nobody needs to follow what Wyclef says.

Now those of us who are Haitian journalists, observers, civil society and everyone in general must mobilize to annul this election and call for a new election because the international community wants to impose a second round when we haven’t really had a first round. If we do not mobilize to force the removal of this CEP and a new election it will be a national shame because November 28th did not have an election but fraud and the politics of demagogy.

Everyone should stand with the candidates who have called for annulment and take to the streets to demonstrate and force the government to take its responsibility and respect the country.

We must mobilize to take a breath and annul the November 28th election, revoke this CEP and have a new election.

2 Responses to “Election Fraud, Mafia Alliance, and General Mobilization for Total Annulment”
  1. Henri Jean says:

    Today is the time to say enough is enough , we have to denounce Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly . They show to us their true colors ,treators all they want is power ,they do not care how they get’s it . Shame on them , the international community has already have us on our knee,and now they want to impose on us a death sentence . No no we are not going to die in silence . Edmond Mulet need to shut up and leave Haiti . We will survivre without them

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