Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

I hope you can see how the country is, the situation the politicians and bourgeois together with the racist international community have put the country into. Earthquake, hurricane, imported disease to finish breaking our bones, but in all of this there is continuity, because we are a people that have been victims since October 5, 1492. Today Haiti has once again because a little piece of land where it is large NGOs (non-governmental organization) and the embassies or the large imperialist countries that make the laws; it is they who decide what is good for the country and what is not good.

Santa, the politicians have destroyed the country, they put the people into a tantrum and today they continue to ask for power. We know that you’re not in politics, Father Christmas, but give the population the strength to give those politicians notice, they need not ever return upon the people again. You could give the people the strength to mobilize and the courage to resist, we ask you to accompany the Haitian people, giving them force to combat all the imperialist colonial forces who want us to believe that some people are born to be poor and other are born to be rich.

Santa Claus, I’m asking you this year to bring justice for all the people MINUSTAH (United Nations peacekeeping mission) have killed and violated, and all the victims of the cholera from MINUSTAH’s contamination, letting their toilets be empited into the River Mirebalais that contaminated five other rivers, killing Haitians by the groups and dozens. I’m asking you, when you go, go with MINUSTAH who do nothing for the country, and who are agents of the neoliberal plan to make the people afraid so they will not fight for their rights.

Santa, please when you come, ask the big NGOs to dsitrbute the funds they raised for the victims well, money that is already in their hands as though they would steal it, tell them for me that if they had put in good systems to treat the water and decent toilets all these people wouldn’t be dying of cholera the way they are dying now. It’s not as though we are asking the NGOs for a favor, Santa, because it is the money that the citizens of the world sent as solidarity for the Haitian people. Santa, we are asking you to go to the Cluster meeting on the logistical base of the United Nations so you can talk to the NGOs, so they can hear what the victims want, and so they can stop using humanitarian aid as a tool of discrimination.

Santa Claus, you can see that this year we are asking you to open the eyes of the authorities to see Articles 1, 22 and 32 od the Constitution, and make them remember they are obligated to respect because a country cannot function well if the Constitution is not respected.

Santa, please come, and you don’t need to talk to the traditional media, because they will divert your speech; if it is not in the interest of their patrons, we won’t receive the message. Please, Santa, help us to construct another media, an alternative, so that we won’t be forced to listen to the radio and the television the bourgeois have already bought to zombify the popuation with lies. Santa Claus, I’m asking you to wake up the population so that the people can take to the streets to demonstrate against the MINUSTAH and all the thieving NGOs who don’t do anything for the country, Santa Claus, we are not asking you to bring us anything, but to help us find justice and reparations. Santa, here are some places and people you must give this message to for me:

Rene Preval, Bill Clinton, USAID, World Vision, OIM, CIRH, American Red Cross, OXFAM, Reginal Boulos, Andre Apaid, Mevz, etc.


2 Responses to “Letter to Santa Claus”
  1. cheryl says:

    I am glad that I asked the right question on the web and found your letter to Santa. I have been wondering how the Haitians are doing today. We are very aware of how Haitians are being treated and we feel helpless because we haven’t been able to communicate directly with you. I know that the people are in need of many things-alleviation from oppession foremost.
    Hold on, Our Father hears your prayers. Haiti should be a beacon of light
    in North, Cental & South America because of all they did for these countries in the early 1800’s. Is there anyone in Haiti, the US, or abroad who is collecting clothes for the women and children or cell phones for the people to use as a way of receiving donations directly? Know this, we are praying for you and the more we know the more we can speak out on your behalf.
    God bless the Haitian people.

  2. Chantal says:

    Protect Haiti’s Freshwater Resources from Potentially Dangerous Practices by Pat Robertson’s NGO

    OBI’s activities in Haiti risk introducing the invasive & destructive mosquitofish into freshwater ecosystems all over Haiti. They say their goal is to help prevent malaria, but by introducing this predator fish, they can also kill many other forms of life, causing phytoplankton in water to increase & even cause algal blooms that totally destroy water quality.

    In fact this planned release of mosquitofish is not the most destructive thing they may have done. The most agregious thing may have been to introduce Nile Tilapia into Lake Azuei, which may have caused a fish kill last December and will continue to cause fish kills according to experts.

    OBI’s agenda is not to be trusted. The plans of the organization are not to provide a sustainable means of production for people in rural villages, but to build a factory which will export cheap fish fillets to the United States (as has been done in Africa and in Latin America). They even say this on their website.

    According to the US Geological Survey (USGS):

    “Impact of Introduction: According to Courtenay and Meffe (1989), mosquitofish have had the greatest ecological impact by far of any of the introduced poeciliids. Although widely introduced as mosquito control agents, recent critical reviews of the world literature on mosquito control have not supported the view that Gambusia are particularly effective in reducing mosquito populations or in reducing the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases (Courtenay and Meffe 1989; Arthington and Lloyd 1989). Because of their aggressive and predatory behavior, mosquitofish may negatively affect populations of small fish through predation and competition (Myers 1967; Courtenay and Meffe 1989), and benefit mosquitos by decreasing competitive pressure from zoooplantion and predation pressure from predatory invertebrates (Blaustein and Karban 1990). In some habitats, introduced mosquitofish reportedly displaced select native fish species regarded as better or more efficient mosquito control agents (Danielsen 1968; Courtenay and Meffe 1989). ”


    Those of us raising awareness would appreciate documentary photograph or video of the activities of OBI.



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