Thank You United Nations and All the Neoliberal Colonialist NGOs

On January 12, 2010 we lost more than 300,000 of our brothers and sisters in the earthquake, but we don’t know how many we have lost during the tsunami of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from January 13, 2010 until today.

Thank you United Nations. You have wasted more money on your 20,000 members here than you have spent on the nine million Haitians. We know you are not in a habit of delivering results, but considering how grave the situation in Haiti was after the January 12th catastrophe, some thought you might have a little consideration to help the country emerge from this urgent situation that instead has an indefinite duration.

A ton of NGOs, more than 12,000, have come to our country to “help” us. In reality that is not their true agenda. These opportunists who see the money they could give to the victims instead benefit from the waste of the funds when there is no one who can demand accountability from them. We know in general that the NGOs aren’t here to really help because the majority of them are double agents who have a mission related to a political or economic group.

This is a humiliation for us Haitians because we see the employees of the NGOs and United Nations, perhaps 50,000 foreigners, and they are consuming the majority of gas and food, they are occupying the remaining good houses that were not destroyed, etc. because they are the ones who have the money.

What is important in the presence of many NGOs in the country is the economic crisis in the world today. Many who lost their jobs or don’t have the capacity to find good jobs in their own country are benefiting from coming to Haiti to work and make more money. Many capitalist governments that don’t have any interest in helping our small country are very happy to see the state of Haiti one year later. In the press their are hypocrites, telling the population how the UN and NGO’s have such will to help the Haitian people, but this is impossible because capitalism is about finding profit through whatever means possible. There is no assistance, no aid in the capitalist political and economic system.

On January 12, 2010 Haiti was broken, but on January 12, 2011 we see a global failure because once again the United Nations and NGOs score zero and have only created more problems in the country. It is a global failure not because we feel they are responsible for us Haitians, but more because the world remains hidden beneath a dog eat dog system that gives no importance to solidarity between people.

NGOs and the United Nations represent a state of total dependence and have played their role well in the drama that has been unfolding in Haiti: there is no new system of potable water to create a stop gap against cholera, there is no program to support national production, there has been no training of the Haitian National Police. However there is money to buy water, and money to buy imported food that eliminates national production. Furthermore, the money spent on the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is more than one hundred times the money being spent to enable a strong national force to come into its own to defend the real interests of our country.

Don’t forget the United Nations and NGOs are here for a crisis. They are living well because we have a crisis in our homeland, they are eating well and drinking well because of us and then turning around to kill us. They are living with all this privilege because they say they are here to help us.

Ask yourself some questions so you can open your eyes and understand the game we have entered into. If there were no children in the street, what importance would UNICEF have? How can these people live well while they continue to make money in the name of these children still living in the streets? Look closely and you will see how NGOs like UNICEF have taken advantage.

If we had a good national health system, what importance would the American and French Red Cross be? Where would the NGOs find money to waste? Look for the answers yourself, and you will see where their interests lie.

These small examples are enough for us to analyze and to understand the general character of the NGOs, to see that their mission is not truly to help.

When we say thank you to the United Nations and the NGOs for more misery, more hunger, more illness, more dependence they create within our country, it is not excuses we are asking for but rather   a red card we are giving them to show them we understand the game they are playing with us. We choose to not enter into it. If we have lost 2010 we will not lose 2011. It is the responsibility of each Haitian with an awareness of this state of dependence to change, or do what is necessary to help create change in our country, Haiti.

The day has arrived for us to begin to pull these people out and take responsibility into our own hands to save our own country. Haiti is for Haitians, and it is only Haitians that can save it.

Men anpil chay pa lou e se nan latè (konbit) tout fòs nou chita.
With many hands the load is not heavy and it is in the earth through the *konbit that we have strength.

We lost 2010, we will not lose 2011.

*Konbit is an ancient African traditional passed down through the ancestors in Haiti where communities come together to help those most vulnerable by putting their hands together to accomplish necessary tasks.

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