Violent and Destructive Eviction at the Kafou Ayopo, Haiti

Life is becoming more unstable for victims of Haiti’s earthquake. After 17 months living under torn tarps and tents, families are now being forcibly evicted from the public and private property where they have been living for more than a year. President Michel Martelly has a pilot program to relocate six camps, at least three during his first 100 days in office. If today is any indicator, these evictions will be done without due process, without consulting the community, without any plan for relocation and with violence.

There are several hundred people who live in the camp in the park at the intersection of the Delmas road and the airport road. This area is known as the Kafou Ayopo/Carrefour Aeroport. The police arrived today (May 23, 2011) in the middle of the day when many people weren’t in their tents because they were out looking for work. They destroyed all the tents and beat some people with batons. The police arrived with agents from the mayor’s office who assisted with the destruction and forced eviction.

The families living in the park have no where else to go and were not warned. It looks like it will be raining soon.

At the same time as I received information about this eviction – done without respect of the internally displaced people’s (IDP) basic human rights – the United Nations OCHA Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM) meeting for this week has been canceled. The text of their email message is below.

In their own recent reporting, OCHA noted that at least 50% of Haiti’s earthquake survivors living in IDP camps are facing forced eviction. Yet their own meeting agenda fails to include evictions as an item to discuss. Now as the new Haitian Administration is moving forward with evictions – both planned, like the one in Kanaran/Canaan and spontaneous, like what just took place in Kafou Ayopo – why is this not a top priority for the OCHA?

More information, images and a call to action will follow.

Dear Cluster Members,

There will be no CCCM Cluster meeting this week. Apologies for the short notice.

For your information, there are two main issues ongoing for the Cluster:

Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP)
The Martelly Government’s strategy on Return and Relocation which will be piloted through 6 camps.

On both issues, this week will see significant progress: There will be a two day workshop on the CAP and several meetings on the subject of the Martelly plan, including a dedicated Humanitarian Country Meeting on Tuesday afternoon. (Attached you will find the minutes of the last HCT meeting at which this issue was raised.)

As a result, we would prefer to report to the Cluster on these issues once they have advanced to a point where the situation is clearer. We will communicate later this week when the next meeting will take place and with feedback on these two issues.

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