Haitians Condemn New Disposals of MINUSTAH Feces near River in Hinche

Defend Haiti

HINCHE, Haiti – The population of the East Central Plateau condemns the acts of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), which on Saturday and Sunday poured fecal matter in the Guayamouc river.

The residents of Sully, east Hinche, were angry when several United Nations MINUSTAH trucks disposed on August 6, feces in holes a few meters from the Guayamouc river.

Local residents were alarmed but could not stop the operation, according to evidence gathered on site by AlterPresse.

For now it is a prevailing concern and no one wants to use the road leading to this part of Sully because the feces have left a foul odor.

Until Sunday, no local officials from MINUSTAH have yet to comment on the actions alleged against the UN force.

Scientists have confirmed he thesis that the Haiti strain of cholera was imported by UN Nepalese peacekeepers based in Mirebalais (still in the Central Plateau). French epidemiologist, Professor Renaud Piarroux, also concluded that the origin came from the Nepalese soldiers.

In October 2010, residents near the river Mirebalais had singled out the military from Nepal in the introduction to the cholera epidemic, from feces thrown into the river that runs through the Artibonite area departments of the Centre and North of Haiti.

The argument – accusing the UN force in the spread of cholera in Haiti – was developed in the July 2011 issue of the journal “Emerging Infectious Diseases”, a publication of North American Centers Control and Prevention (CDC).

Scientists have presented “solid evidence”, “strongly suggesting” the involvement of a contingent of UN soldiers from Nepal, in the river contamination in Haiti because of inadequate sanitary measures on their base.

But this thesis has been refuted by MINUSTAH.


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