Jounal – Newspaper

When Let Haiti Live was created Haiti was lacking a voice in the international media, mainly because of the vacuum of representative media in the country itself. Haiti is a very divided society where a small, wealthy, elite class controls almost all the resources, and this extends to the media. Television and radio are owned and run by Haiti’s traditional elite and as a result this “corporate media” makes very little effort to either inform or represent the majority of Haitians. Without a vibrant press telling the stories of Haiti’s people in the national forum, international journalists have been giving their own skewed interpretation and determining the discourse about Haiti for decades.

Let Haiti Live chose to support the creation of an alternative media project with the intent of elevating and amplifying Haitian voices and perspectives on the current situation. In the aftermath of the earthquake, with more than a million people living homeless in the streets and the largest influx of international funding Haiti has ever seen, it is more critical than ever before to have an independent media. Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye, Noise Travels, News Spreads or BKNG, is a team of six independent Haitian journalists who grew up in the poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince. They are able to walk among average Haitians and tell their stories, defining the day-to-day experiences of real Haitians in both the urban and rural milieu.

BKNG has been published a newspaper and distribute it free of charge several times since July 12, 2010. Over the months the newspaper has gathered a loyal following. Articles about the struggle to make ends meet in the camps appear alongside exposés about money raised after the earthquake but not yet disbursed. One issue had a photo gallery about the Corail relocation camp in the desert twelve miles from Port-au-Prince. Residents of the camp responded with great emotion to see their experience validated on the cover of a newspaper, and to read the story about their desperation written in their own language.

Many of the articles from the hard copies of Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye appear on this website in their original Haitian Creole and/or translated into English.

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  1. Hola, pido telefono o mail de contacto de Etant Dupain. Escribo desde Uruguay, soy periodista.

    Martín Viggiano

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