Mobilizasyon – Mobilization

Community Mobilization and Movement Building

As BKNG has engaged with the communities in both poor neighborhoods and IDP camps, they have also encouraged people to mobilize peacefully to demand their rights be recognized and respected. A series of demonstrations including sit-ins at the prime minister’s office and a protest against the renewal of the MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission at the United Nations logistical base have been growing in numbers and impact.

In addition to demonstrations, BKNG is working with partners at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and grassroots organizations in Haiti’s Popular University to bring dialogue and debate into the camps. Prominent economists and historians, professors from the State University of Haiti and visiting intellectuals have participated in these seminars that both encourage people to articulate their own vision and to analyze and critique the assistance and interventions they are receiving from government and international actors.

BKNG team members work mainly because they are inspired to mobilize their community for a better future. They were previously involved in offering free educational programs to disadvantaged children and other grassroots mobilizations. Their work today is perhaps the most important ongoing effort to raise the social consciousness of Haiti’s most marginalized sectors of society. In addition to their work in the camps and poor neighborhoods of the capital, BKNG members frequently travel to rural areas to hold seminars and support peasant and student organizations that are mobilizing outside of Port-au-Prince.


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