Declaration of Civil Society Organizations about Evictions, Credit for Housing and the IHRC

We, the undersigned organisations, wish to make a statement on three main points dominating the current reality in Haiti: Government sanctioned camp evictions Credit for housing Extension of the IHRC mandate 1. Regarding the evictions. In these past days, we have observed an official operation which started with Mayor Wilson Jeudy in the Delmas area, … Continue reading

What Kind of Change Will Sweet Micky Bring to Haiti?

Since the beginning of the electoral campaign up until the present day, Mr. Martelly has proclaimed change. Change is a word that means many things to the Haitians who are hearing it, because change is what the country needs. Unfortunately the level of debate during the electoral campaigning remained low because of the sensational nature … Continue reading

Tell the US to Stop Meddling in Haiti’s Democracy

The next 48 hours are critical for Haiti, as twice-popularly elected democratic President Jean Betrand-Aristide attempts to return home from his seven-year forced exile in South Africa. Aristide won an overwhelming popular mandate not once, but twice from the Haitian people after nearly two hundred years of struggle to establish democracy. Due to his social … Continue reading

Reduction of IDP Population is a False Source of Pride for the IOM

By: Sebastien Davis-VanGelder In a recent press briefing about the status of Haiti’s internally displaced people (IDP), the International Office of Migration (IOM) reported that the IDP population had been reduced by 50% in the year since the earthquake. In an astonishing break with reality, this was purported to be a sign of the successful … Continue reading

Thank You United Nations and All the Neoliberal Colonialist NGOs

On January 12, 2010 we lost more than 300,000 of our brothers and sisters in the earthquake, but we don’t know how many we have lost during the tsunami of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from January 13, 2010 until today. Thank you United Nations. You have wasted more money on your 20,000 members here than you have spent on the … Continue reading

Election Fraud, Mafia Alliance, and General Mobilization for Total Annulment

Starting at 6am I was on my two feet, out visiting polling station throughout the capital. The first stop was in Cite Soleil where the voting station didn’t open until 8am, but there were people inside already filling in ballots while the political party observers waited outside. In the Kanaran Camp, which was supposed to … Continue reading

Elections Without Participation

The disadvantaged class of Haitian society is not interested in the election happening today. They do not believe this election can change their situation. After more than ten months of international and national promises, today the survivors of the January earthquake should have the right to participate in finding an alternative, but in reality none … Continue reading

Why Include Dominican Soldiers in MINUSTAH? (MINUSTAH = UN Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti)

There are many reasons, but only some that deserve analysis. The first thing is that Haiti has lost its sovereignty and the international community wants to humiliate Haiti each time they have the opportunity. A country that has no true leadership and instead has a bunch of beggars and thieves in charge that are wasting … Continue reading

NGOs Destroy Haitian Livelihoods

NGOs: non-governmental organizations. These are organizations that want to work for the community and support the government, or that want to work on the side without involving the local government either because of lack of capacity or the existence of other difficulties such as, corruption, financial restrictions or professional incompetence… It is not competition, but … Continue reading