A Year of Cholera from the United Nations

By: Etant Dupain, Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye                       Nothing can replace the lives of the 6,500 people dead from a cholera epidemic that MINUSTAH (the United Nations peacekeepers) brought to Haiti. More than 400,000 have already been infected while 600,000 people are still living in displacement camps without access to services for their basic needs, … Continue reading

A Tale of Eviction in Haiti

(TriceEdneyWire.com) – Despite the lack of attention in the media, the situation in Haiti remains dire. Despite money donated by international organizations and regular people, real relief has not reached the people who need it the most. The blue tarps that blanketed the city, reminiscent of the early reporting by Anderson Cooper, are still there … Continue reading

Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa, I hope you can see how the country is, the situation the politicians and bourgeois together with the racist international community have put the country into. Earthquake, hurricane, imported disease to finish breaking our bones, but in all of this there is continuity, because we are a people that have been victims since … Continue reading

11 Months Later: Will Help Ever Arrive?

Spend a moment with the reality of Haiti’s earthquake survivors today. Eleven months after the earthquake, so little has changed. Haitians who have been living out in the open are beginning to lose patience, as we saw through the angry protests in the street last week. While Haiti is much more than Port-au-Prince, the camps … Continue reading